Having More Fun Than A Barrel Of Monkeys


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Welcome! I Hope You Enjoy Listening To To My Internet Radio Station. I’ve Spent Most Of My Adult Life Working In Radio.

I Grew Up Listening To Radio In The 60’s & 70’s Thinking Of How Cool It Would Be To Be A Dee Jay… Playing Records And Talking About Music And Having Fun On The Air. That Era Was A Great Time! Elvis, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, And Motown! Now That Was My Kind Of Music!

The Cruisin’ Record Series Got Me Excited About Becoming A Disc Jockey. Guys Like Dick Biondi, Johnny Holiday, Robert W. Morgan, Dr. Don Rose And Many More Who Were Personality Jocks Made Radio Seem Like A Barrel Of Monkeys.

I Went To Brown Institute In Minneapolis MN. in 1979 To Get Some Radio Broadcasting Training. My Time At Brown, Was A Blast And It Gave Me The Confidence I Needed To Start A Career In Radio.

My First Job In Radio Was In Columbus NE. At KJSK-KOXI. A Christian AM Station And Beautiful Music FM Station. KOXI Changed Their Call Letters To KLIR And Switched Formats From Beautiful Music To Adult Contemporary. I was Given The Name “Captain Devo”. Part Of My Duties Was Putting Together A Daily Program Called “Daily Devotions” Where Area Lutheran Pastors Would Have a 10-15 Minute Sermon That Included Music, It Was My Job To Put It Together Hence The Name Captain Devo.

In 1980 I Moved to Lincoln, NE. And Worked At Broadcast House For Several Years. I Became The Program Director For The Oldies Station KKUL (KOOL 105.3). I Was Dubbed The Name Don Records While Working There. Since Oldies Was My Favorite Genre Of Music, I Was Able To Use My Knowledge Of The Music And Artists And Be Given The Name Don Records.

I Began My Internet Radio Career in 1999 Pioneering The First Internet Radio Station For Auctioneers For One of The largest Auction Companies In Phoenix, AZ. I Put Together A Format That Played A Wide Variety Of Hot Pop And Country Hits From The 60’s To The Present. We Also Streamed All Of The Auctions Live. I was able to Do this From My Office/Studio Here In Lincoln, NE. I Continued Working For The Company Until March of 2015.

I Took Early Retirement In 2017 But Continued Streaming My Own Internet Radio Stations Three G Radio And Top American Hits Radio.

I Created Don Records Radio In April of 2018 To Have Fun, With Music That Many People My Age And For That Matter, AllĀ  Ages Like, And Hopefully We’ll Have Some Laughs Along The Way. Thank You For Stopping By And Listening To DonRecordsRadio.Com.